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  • Crafting a clean, efficient brewing space is crucial, whether it's in a bustling bar or your personal brewery. We're happy to bring you a robust steel CO₂ cylinder bracket holder designed to keep your setup streamlined and safe.


    Sturdy Steel Construction

    Built with resilience in mind, this holder boasts a solid steel frame to securely cradle your CO₂ (or other) cylinders. With dimensions carefully crafted for balance and compatibility:

    • Depth: 17cm
    • Width: 17cm
    • Height: 30cm


    Versatile and Adjustable

    The included high-quality Velcro straps offer quick and easy adjustments, accommodating various cylinder sizes up to a maximum diameter of 170mm. It's the ideal solution for mounting your CO₂ tank to any wall, inside cool rooms, or even within cupboards, ensuring your brewing space is clutter-free.


    Installation & Compatibility:

    • Ease of Use: Designed for a straightforward installation process.
    • Compatibility: As it's configured, it's suited for cylinders with a weight up to 15kg.
      • For Larger Cylinders (over 15kg): a simple modification – trimming the base off the bracket and mounting it towards the top end of the cylinder – will ensure continued stability and safety.


    Refine Your Brewing Space with Mark & Merit

    We understand the importance of precision and tidiness in crafting premium beverages. Our CO₂ cylinder bracket is not just a holder; it's a step towards the excellence in organization that every top-tier brewer strives for.


    Secure your CO₂ tank. Maintain a pristine brewing environment. Trust in Mark & Merit's dedication to top quality and efficiency.

    CO₂, N₂, O₂ Holder - Wall Mount Cylinder Bracket (Strap Included)

    GST Included |
    • Lifetime no-quibbles returns with no restocking fees

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