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So Who's "Mark" and Who's "Merit"?

We're committed to getting excellent beer into your home, whether we make it, you make it, or your friend Bob makes it.  We source premium ingredients and equipment and sell only what we've tested and would use ourselves.

We've 20 years brewing experience between us; taken university level brewing science courses; gained practical experience working in breweries; have backgrounds in process and mechanical engineering; and have made medal-winning beers before making this jump.

You can be confident that whether you're buy raw ingredients, equipment, or any of our formulated recipe packs that we'll stand behind it and you're getting the best value for money in the industry.

Buying from us helps fund our dream to get our beers to your fridge and on a tap near you. Thank you!

Oh, we didn't explain "Mark & Merit", did we? When it comes down to it, we are passionate about products and services that are great quality and value.  We wanted this to stay at the forefront of our business and decided to name our venture after those principles:


Mark = A unit of value; a standard of performance, quality, or condition

Merit = A praiseworthy quality, characteristic, or action

It stuck,  and Mark & Merit was born.


Check out the radio interview about Mark & Merit on the Taranaki Foodies Below:

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