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  • Revolutionize Your Brewing with Our Advanced Floating Dip Tube Kit

    Elevate Your Brewing Clarity and Convenience


    Unlock the secret to impeccably clear brews with our meticulously designed Floating Dip Tube Kit. Crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate precision and reliability, this kit is a game-changer in extracting the clearest liquid from your pressure vessel.


    Key Features:

    • Innovative Floating Design: As your liquid level drops, the floating mechanism adjusts accordingly, ensuring you always draw from the clearest part of your brew.
    • Enhanced with a Floating Dip Tube Filter: Equipped with a fine mesh filter, this addition dramatically reduces the risk of blockages in your ball lock poppet, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free dispensing experience.
    • Sediment-Free Sampling: Enjoy samples of your brew that are free from sediment, ensuring each tasting is as pure as possible.


    What's Included:

    • Silicone Dip Tube (100 cm): Flexible and durable, designed to reach every drop of your beverage.
    • Fine Mesh Floating Dip Tube Filter: Expertly crafted to keep out unwanted sediment and hop particles.
    • Stainless Steel (SS) Ball Float: A simple but robust and reliable component, essential for the perfect float mechanism.


    Why Choose Our Floating Dip Tube Kit?

    • Optimal Clarity: Say goodbye to cloudy pours and hello to crystal-clear beverages.
    • Enhanced Reliability: Designed to prevent the common frustrations of clogged systems.
    • User-Friendly: Simple to install and ideal for both novice and experienced brewers.


    Act Now for Improved Brewing!

    Don't let sediment disrupt your brewing artistry. Add our Floating Dip Tube Kit to your setup and step into a world of clarity and efficiency. Order now and experience the difference in your next brew!


    Perfect your craft with precision. Choose our Floating Dip Tube Kit today.

    100 cm Silicone Dip Tube with Fine Mesh Filter and SS Ball Float

    GST Included |
    • Lifetime returns with no restocking fees

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