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  • Note: Each Beer Engine is built to order - expect delivery in 3-4 weeks (though often we can send them out sooner). For large/trade orders, contact us directly for a quote.


    We've set about doing our best to bring the English Pub experience to you, searching the globe for authentic, traditionaly beer engines that will replicated the flavours, aromas, and mouthfeel of a proper pint of bitter.


    The Shakespeare hand pull unit, the design of which Harry Mason Ltd has the worldwide patent on, is a cylinder-less unit that revolutionizes traditional dispense. It replicates the common hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve.  It looks, reacts, and feels just like a traditional hand pull delivering Cask Marque-approved beer time and time again.


    The Shakespeare unit needs to be pump assisted and no check valve is required. Installation is the same as any keg product as it uses a standard beer line and gas pump. The unit has only three components, all of which are quickly and easily replaced in trade if required.


    As well as being easy to install and maintain, the biggest benefit is the massive savings on ullage/wastage during line cleaning. Additionally, because there is no cylinder additional re-circ, cooling is not necessary.


    This beer-pulling machine is designed with authenticity in mind and perfect for every occasion. The Shakespeare is designed for trade use but simple enough to install at home. Whether you’re having a couple of pints after work or hosting a party, this ale pump delivers pub-quality beer, every time. Installation is extremely easy, making it a welcome addition to your home bar, garage, garden, shed, man cave or kitchen by simply clamping on to an existing work surface or home bar.


    This Shakespeare hand pull comes with:

    • The Shakespeare cylinder-less hand pull with a hand-stained wooden plinth
    • Step by Step instructions on how to get pouring
    • Sparkler to help you pour the perfect pint
    • Drip tray

    As this product is generally intended for trade use, it does not include insulated tubing with John Guest fittings (which the Pint365 models include). If you would like to add that you can purchase it separately.

    This unit requires gas-assist (it cannot 'pull' beer). You can use it with any non-pressurized system with a line pump, or use it on a pressurized keg system.


    What will it mount on to?

    The Shakespeare mounts using its built in G-Clamp; it can clamp on anything smaller than 70mm (2.75”) thick. The surface needs to be able to counter balance the 9 kg unit.


    What are my options?

    We can fully customize the finish to your taste. We work directly with Masons and every beer engine ordered is made specifically for you. Personalize your beer engine using any combination of the following:


    • Chrome
    • Brass
    • Antique Brass
    • Copper
    • Antique Copper

    Wood Plinth:

    • Black
    • Mahogany
    • Oak
    • Unstained / Unfinished (enabling you to stain it as you wish)

    Handle Options:

    • Black Plastic
    • Mahogany
    • Oak
    • Unstained / Unfinished (enabling you to stain as you wish)
    • Straight Chrome
    • Straight Black
    • Wooden Truncheon

    *Additional surcharge may apply, depending on the handle chosen


    Get in touch and we'll customize it to suit your style!

    Shakespeare Cylinder-less Hand Pull (Beer Engine) Assembly - Copper

    GST Included |
    Metal Finish: Copper
    Plinth Finish