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  • This replacement electrode is designed to give you accurate and reliable pH readings for brewing applications. It is easy to install, and is a great way to keep your pH meter running in top condition.


    Home brewing puts a lot of stress on the electrodes, especially if you are testing hot wort directly from your mash tun.  Regardless of the pH meter type, the electrodes typically fail after a years’ worth of use. This replaceable electrode enables you to remove a faulty probe preventing you from having to buy a completely new unit.


    To keep your electrode in best possible condition we recommend you clean with water then store in KCl storage solution (inside the cap) pushing the cap on tight so it seals it up. This will keep your readings accurate for ages.

    Replacement Electrode/Probe for Digital pH Meter (Pen Style)

    GST Included |
    • Lifetime no-quibbles returns with no restocking fees

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