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  • First in New Zealand to offer this new product from KegLand, this temperature connects with the RAPT web portal via Wi-Fi meaning that you can monitor, log, and control the devices plugged into this temperature controller box remotely. Additionally, the colour screen clearly

    • displays temperature
    • a graph of future and past temperature settings
    • and makes it much easier to perform profile temperature steps.


    This plug and play temperature controller box has two clearly marked blue and red power sockets for heating and cooling so you can control a fridge or heating device at the same time to completely monitor and control the temperature. Each power outlet is rated to 10amp (2400watt max).


    PID Technology

    This temp controller box comes with Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) heating function used for higher powered devices. This greatly reduces the chance of scorching and will deliver better temperature control with less fluctuation.


    Temperature Range

    The temperature range of this device will enable you to control devices from -20C and up to 120C.


    Various Mounting Options

    This innovative design enables you to panel mount this controller, mount to a hanging point or hook, mount on top of a fridge or brewery. Simply unscrew the mounting plate and switch the mounting to your preferred orientation.


    RAPT Wi-Fi Compatible

    This product will connect with the RAPT portal. This portal will enable you to monitor, control and log past temperature readings, and also show a future projection of temperature profiles that you might have running.

    RAPT Temperature Controller (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

    GST Included |
    • The RAPT IOT Hub is a free service whereby any RAPT enabled product can both log and store data to the hub where you can conveniently access this data.  The RAPT hub can also allow you to change your device settings remotely giving you absolute control of the device irrespective of where you are.


      The RAPT portal enables you to make complex temperature profiles that involve different temperature settings over time meaning you can start/run a temp profile giving you a set and forget experience.  The RAPT portal also controls the alert/notification process for you so you can receive email notification in the off instance that something doesn't go to plan.


      There is no limit to the number of RAPT devices you can connect the RAPT IOT Hub. This is in contrast to other popular wireless hydrometers where you are limited by the number of hydrometers you can connect to an app.

    • Lifetime no-quibbles returns with no restocking fees

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