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An Aroma Hop


We've partnered with Garston Hops of Garston, NZ to bring a unique opportunity to craft brewers. With the ability to select specific lots you can precisely tailored your brews with the captivating flavours that define their hops.


Lot GH23-0010-RKU is a second year Rakau™ crop picked in the mid stages of harvest window. Sensory evaluation consistently picked out citrus aromas, tropical fruits, and spice.

Alpha Acid: 8.8%
Beta Acid: 4.1%


Why choose Garston Hops?


Previously, the only hops available were from a larger hop supplier with a more extensive production volume. As a result, they provide a wide range of hop varieties in significant quantities to meet the demands of mass production, however, the drawbacks are that there's no ability to purchase a specific lot (or even specific farm or region). While Rakau™ does have a general profile, the differences in farming practices and terroir do impact the overall aroma and flavour of the end product meaning that the hops you use on one brew may differ to the hops you use on another, making repeatability and consistency more difficult.


Investing in hops is an investment in the heart and soul of your craft brews. Craft brewing is an art, and like any true masterpiece, it deserves the finest raw materials to reach its full potential.


Terroir-Driven Distinction. Garston Hops stands apart with a terroir-driven approach, where nature's untamed beauty infuses our hops with unrivaled character. The unique microclimate, fertile soils, and pure alpine water of Garston, NZ, create an unmistakable flavor profile that sets your brews apart from the rest. You will taste the essence of this pristine land with every sip, making your brews an unforgettable experience.


Tailored Lots, Limitless Creativity. Select specific lots that align with your brewing vision, allowing you to craft brews that resonate with your unique style. This level of creative freedom ensures that your beers carry a signature touch.


Captivating Symphony of Aromas and Flavours. These hops offer a symphony of flavours and aromas, elevating your brews to a new level of complexity. From vibrant citrus notes to earthy undertones and delicate floral hints, your beers become a showcase of diverse taste experiences.


Sustainable Legacy. Investing in Garston Hops is not only about the present but also about the future. Sheep graze the hop fields, and their dags in turn fertilize the hops. Their commitment to sustainability ensures the preservation of Garston's pristine landscapes and the New Zealand hop industry for generations to come.


Embrace the art of brewing with the untamed terroir, tailored lots, and captivating flavors that define these hops. Elevate your craft, tell your unique story, and leave an everlasting impression on the palates of those who savour your extraordinary beers with Garston Hops.

Rakau™ Pellets - Lot 0010 (Garston, NZ)

100 Grams
GST Included |

Bulk Buy Discount - Buy 5, get 10% off!

  • Due to their nature of being processed and packed fresh for each order, all ingredient sales are final.

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