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  • Want a low-cost way to minimize O₂ while dry hopping?


    This stainless ball valve assembly has the PCO 1881 female thread on both sides. The ~20 mm bore enables you to put some dry hops into a standard PET (e.g. soft drink) bottle, attach it to the ball valve, and use a closed loop to dry hop into your fermenter.


    As show in the photo, you can use this stainless ball valve with the PCO 1881 tee piece and a carbonation cap to have the added advantage of using CO₂ gas to purge out oxygen from the hops before you dry hop. Once purged, open the ball valve and tap the bottle, shaking the hops in order to drop down into the fermenter. This assembly makes an inexpensive and very effective oxygen-free dry hopping tool.

    PCO1881 x PCO1881 Female Ball Valve - Dry Hop Device for PET Pressure Fermenters

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