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  • Pure oxygen is a proven way to get your yeast off to a cracking start, and is especially important for use with high gravity beers (like Belgian Trippels or Barleywines) and lagers (like Pilsners) where you are trying to build up a large population of yeast. Simply use this regulator combined with a high pressure and high capacity disposable tank to boost dissolved oxygen levels in your cooled wort.


    We recommend the use of a diffusion stone in order to create very fine bubbles of oxygen in your wort to help the oxygen to dissolve into the solution. This can be accomplished inline on the wort's way to the fermenter, via an oxygen wand, or by a stone installed within your fermenter.


    This regulator suits disposable type oxygen cylinders using the M12 thread. To avoid the chance of leaks and returning to an empty bottle, please triple check every connection point on your system or disconnect your gas cylinder between uses.


    Attach the regulator to to the top of your disposable cylinder.  Turn pressure up to 10-20psi.  Immerse diffusion stone in wort for 1-2 minutes.


    NOTE: Wort must be cold to absorb oxygen. Oxygen cannot stay dissolved in the desired concentrations in hot wort. It is essential to cool wort completely before starting this process.

    Oxygen Regulator for Disposable O₂ Gas Cylinders (M12 Thread)

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