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  • It's finally here! Mount your NUKATAP Mini to any wall using this innovative kit.


    Flawlessly Integrate Your NUKATAP Mini

    This specialized shank kit seamlessly connects the NUKATAP Mini to cooler boxes, kegerators, keg fridges, cool-room walls, or any other flat surface you can think of. Dive into a world where pouring excellence meets user-friendly design.


    Simplified Shank Design

    Ditch the cumbersome 5/8" bar stock shanks! Their heat sink properties often result in unwanted "first pour foam," souring your beer, and/or compromising the beverage quality. Our innovative design propels the beer line directly to the tap's back, minimizing non-refrigerated beer and ensuring your first pour is as refreshing as the last.


    Stability Perfected: No More Spinning Shanks

    The days of irritating tap rotations are over! This shank kit utilizes three screws, locking the tap into an unwavering position. The flexibility is still yours; adjust the tap orientation as needed, but once set, rest easy knowing the interlocking teeth will keep it fixed for good.


    Easy Installation

    Forget about the hassles of drilling extensive holes. This kit's design needs only an 8mm hole for the beer line. If you're aiming to ensure even less non-refrigerated beer in the line, just carve out a larger diameter hole for improved cold air circulation. Grab your hole drill template here.


    Universal Fit for All Wall Thicknesses

    No more guesswork or buying different kits for varied wall thicknesses. This versatile shank kit adjusts to walls of any thickness, be it under 80mm or over. It includes snap-off screws to shorten as desired, and for walls thicker than 80mm, any conventional screw from your local store will do the trick.



    • Beer Line Diameter: Compatible with any rigid 8mm (5/16”) OD line, such as the 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier beer line we sell.
    • Materials:
      • Collet and Screw Cover: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
      • O-ring: Dual o-ring Silicone/EPDM combo
      • Plastic Mounting: POK
    • Temperature Range: From a chilly -10°C up to a boiling 100°C
    • Max Pressure: A robust 150PSI


    Please note: The NUKATAP Mini must be purchased separately. Get yours HERE.

    NUKATAP Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit duotight 8mm (5/16")

    GST Included |
    • Lifetime no-quibbles returns with no restocking fees

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