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  • The NUKATAP Flow Control Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Tap won us over with its:

    • Smaller thermal mass to reduce the 'first pour foam' caused by beer running through a warm tap
    • The seamless shuttle design reduces turbulence in the pour as well as being a sanitary design due to lack of available crevices to harbor solids
    • Long life, self lubricating seals that are highly resistant to acids used in sanitization and cleaning
    • Its 2.5° reverse tap handle angle suits almost any tap handle
    • Its forward sealing design is optimal for beer quality and cleanliness


    The flow control function makes serving beer from any keg system a breeze, allowing you to adjust at the tap instead of changing out beer line lengths to ensure the proper pressure drop is achieved. Achieve that perfect pour with ease!


    Pair it with the 100mm beer shank to build your own kegerator / keezer, or for a compact set-up try the ball lock disconnect with integrated tap shank to pour straight off the top of your keg!


    Find tap handles here:

    NUKATAP Flow Control Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Beer Tap

    GST Included |
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    • Lifetime returns with no restocking fees

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