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  • Want to enjoy the taste and mouthfeel of a real ale, but don’t want to mess a cask/bag-in-box or are concerned with the shorter lifespan your beer has when employing either of those options? This handy device allows you to connect a pressurized system (e.g. kegs) to your hand pull / beer engine for that authentic experience with minimal hassle.


    What the brewing industry commonly calls a ‘check valve’ is actually, in this case, a suction demand valve. Its purpose is to stop any pressure from the line pushing through the hand pull and pouring out of the spout.


    You only need this valve if the beer is pressurized, or the cask/bag-in-box is above the height of the hand pull / beer engine. Use it in the beer line, just before the beer engine, to stop the beer flowing forward through the beer engine when there is no ‘demand’ (e.g. the pump handle is not being pulled).



    • Check Valve (Suction Demand Valve) with 3/8" Female Push-Fit Inlet x 1/2" Smooth Stem Male Outlet.

    *The smooth 1/2" stem male outlet allows this unit to be easily fitting with one of the John Guest push-fit fittings we sell.


    For the push-fit inlet it's important to cut your hosing straight, not on an angle, to ensure the line has a complete seal - we highly recommend grabbing an inexpensive Tube / Line Cutter for the job. Ensure that the tubing is free of burrs to avoid damaging the O-ring.

    MK4 Suction Demand Valve for Hand Pulls - 3/8" Female Push-Fit x 1/2" Male Out

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