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  • While we agree that the best way to check your specific gravity is using the New EasyDens by Anton Paar, sometimes you gotta pick where you can splash your cash. This is a great option to understand what your specific gravity is through your mash, boil, and ferment (while it's a more manual process, it will still do the trick.)


    To measure the specific gravity: Suspend the Hydrometer in a sample of your wort to get the reading (you can use a clear beer glass as an example, or use less wort in one of the 100mL Polypropylene Measuring Cylinders we sell.)


    To calculate your Alcohol By Volume (ABV) %:

    Original Gravity (OG) = The value shown on your hydrometer before you pitch your yeast

    Final Gravity (FG) = The value when your fermentation is finished

    (OG - FG) x 131.25 = ABV %


    = ( 1.048 - 1.010 ) * 131.25

    = 5% ABV


    Note: The reading is most accurate when the liquid is at 20°C (as temperature will affect the density of your liquid).



    Home Brew Hydrometer (for Specific Gravity / Determining Alcohol by Volume)

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