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  • This high quality beer line will keep your precious beverage in the best possible condition.


    When using this 4 mm ID size you will get adequate flow resistance with 1.5 meters to 2.1 meters of beer line between your keg and tap suitable for most kegerator setups.


    Pressure Rating (with 1.5 safety factor)
    30°C - 1.4 MPa (200 psi)
    50°C - 0.7 MPa (100 psi)


    Outter Barrier
    The outter barrier has accurately extruded tolerances and made from an EVA material. It also seals well when used with various John Guest,  duotight, or other push in fittings. The outter barrier gives the tubing excellent kink resistance so the line is able to bend around a tight radius without kinking.


    Inner Barrier
    The inner barrier is made from a proprietary polymer that has excellent gas barrier. The significantly better barrier properties means your beer is better protected from oxygen and also has a better barrier to CO2 loss. Your beer will stay fresher for longer and not lose carbonation like other beer line types. In some beer line types you may notice that the beer sitting in the lines starts to taste flat and/or oxidised when sitting in the lines for an extended period. EVABarrier tubing is significantly better in this regard and you will notice an improved freshness of your beer especially if it's been sitting in the lines (not that we expect this to be your case, however, it's always good to be prepared for that extended vacation someday).


    Due to the high density and smooth nature of the EVABarrier inner barrier the tubing internal surface is super smooth and almost completely impermeable. This makes it difficult for bacteria and other microbes to attach to the inside surface of the tubing.


    There's no better value tubing on the market, hence why we chose to supply EVABarrier and use it ourselves.


    *Looking to purchase this per meter? Find it here.

    EVABarrier 4mm (5/32") x 8mm (5/16") Double Wall Beer / Gas Line (12m)

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