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Want something that'll give your tastebuds a hook when they're expecting a jab? This Eggnog Stout is loaded with spice and everything nice. Six malts, lactose, a simple (but effective) hopping regimen utilizing UK grown Goldings, loads of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in the whirlpool and finally vanilla beans in the conditioning stage. The layers are as complex as the brew and it ends up as a beautiful stout that is also undeniably an eggnog flavour experience.


Estimated Results:


ABV: 5.1 – 5.4%

IBUs: 26 (Tinseth)

Colour: 159 EBC

Time (Brew day until Ready to Drink): 10 days primary fermentation, 30 days conditioning with vanilla beans (plus carbonation time if needed).


Recommended Yeast (Not Included):

LalBrew Verdant IPA™ – Ale Yeast for a stout with fruity aromas, soft and balanced malt profile and decent body

LalBrew Windsor™ – British-Style Beer Yeast for balanced fruity aromas and a slight 'fresh yeast' flavor; this yeast doesn't process maltotriose resulting in a sweeter, fuller bodied stout


Price is per liter at end of boil (e.g. for 23L left in your brewkettle at the end of your brew day, put a quantity of "23") There are a lot off expensive adjuncts in this brew impacting the cost per liter, but you can taste the difference!


Mark & Merit Recipe Kits


Love the quality and individuality all grain brewing brings? Long for a relaxed brew day where everything is effortless and organized? Want a recipe pack that you can rely on again and again to come out with consistent results?


With our kits, we’ve made it Easy As:

  • We supply a straightforward recipe sheet including fermentation information, customized for your brewing set-up and recipe volume.
  • We vacuum pack all hops in mylar pouches, separated according to their role. No weighing or measuring required!
  • We'll calculate the necessary water adjustments using your local water supply’s available data and will measure out and include them in separate bags for your mash and sparge water (as needed).
  • We include a measured amount of yeast nutrient and protofloc (if required) to add with 15 minutes left in your boil.
  • We recommend yeast options but allow you the freedom to choose your own based on your preferences.


We clearly lay out your brew day schedule in our easy to understand instructions. All you need to do is set your alarms to remind you to complete the steps.


We don’t compromise when it comes to fresh ingredients and quality. While we encourage you to use your kit as soon as possible (especially if we’ve milled the grains prior to sending), the ‘un-milled’ kits can last for months when stored correctly – grains in a cool place out of direct sunlight, yeast in the fridge, and hops in the freezer. All grains are packed in airtight bags, and hops / yeast are vacuum packed to preserve their freshness. We include an ice pack with the hops and yeast to keep them cold for the standard shipping durations.


Your kit is triple checked to ensure you have all the ingredients you need on your brew day. Everything is then packed securely to prevent any damage during shipping. Where possible, we send using next day shipping with couriers that have a proven track record to get it to you quickly. Unfortunately, delays have been occurring due to restrictions associated with the pandemic, so we do encourage you to order well in advance of your brew day.


We guarantee the yeast we supply will work for you, first time. While the recommended temperature ranges vary depending on the yeast selected, most ale yeasts fall within the 18˚C to 22˚C range without risk of off-flavours. If for some reason you’re fermentation doesn’t start, and you suspect it’s a yeast issue, we will overnight another pack to you free of charge.


These all-grain ingredient kits are 100% customized to your set-up. For first timers: You will need

  • a way to control your mash temperature (for up to an hour, can be as simple as a chilly bin)
  • a way to separate the grains from the malt sugar infused liquid (wort) - can be muslin cloth, a mesh grain basket, etc.
  • a pot large enough to hold that wort
  • a heat source strong enough to bring it to a boil.


You get to pick the recipe volume, you can make as little or as much as your equipment allows! You’ll also need a vessel (or multiple vessels) to ferment in that can hold the final volume of your wort plus allowing some headspace for your yeast activity (often an additional 30% of your wort volume – example, a 30L fermenter can comfortably hold ~23L of beer).

Eggnog Stout - Recipe Kit

1 Liter
GST Included |
  • If anything about this order is not to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will do what we can to remedy it. Our main goal is to provide quality and value in everything we do - this applies to your experience as well and we take this seriously.

    • If your item is received broken or in poor condition, we will organize a replacement.

    • If you're regretting your purchase and

      • the packaging is still intact

      • the item has not been used (e.g. it is still in a "new" condition)

    send it back to us and we'll restock it without any fee, refunding your purchase minus any shipping costs.

    *Unfortunately this does not apply to brewing ingredients.

    • Due to their nature of being processed and packed fresh for each order, all ingredient sales are final.

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