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  • This is the easiest way to have continuous soda water on tap, fed from your mains water supply. It's a great addition to your tap range or to cater for soda based beverages for both the non-drinkers and the mixed drink crowd (and, from personal experience, is handy to help convince your other-half that kegging will save you money and benefits everyone...)


    All you have to do is:

    1. Position the keg inside your fridge, kegerator, coolroom, or anywhere cold (ideally below 5C).
    2. Attach your dispensing tap of choice to the soda water outpost.
    3. Attach your gas to the gas in post.
    4. Set your CO₂ regulator (connected to the gas post) to 30-50 PSI. Higher pressures will give you more carbonation so set your regulator pressure to achieve desired carbonation level. NOTE: It's recommended to use a check valve in your CO₂ line.
    5. The first time you use this unit, purge the air from the headspace of the keg.  To do this pull the PRV ring on the keg lid 3-5 times for 2-second bursts.
    6. Connect the mains water to the water inlet post on this unit.  We recommend using a check valve for this application to prevent soda water going back into your house mains.  Also, it's a good idea to reduce your mains water pressure.  Most domestic mains water pressure is over 100 PSI - for this unit to work well, the mains water pressure should be 10-15 PSI higher than your regulator set pressure (from step 4).  To regulate your water pressure we would recommend the use of an inline regulator.


    That's it.  This simple unit will give you continuous soda water connected to your mains water. That luxury you experience at a bar, cafe, or restaurant can be enjoyed at home.


    *This is capable of carbonating 10 liters per hour if you have sufficient water cooling capacity.  The colder the water and the higher the gas pressure (from step 4) the higher the carbonation level you will have (same principal applies as with beer).  If you want to have extremely high soda water production speeds you can pre-chill the water by having one (or several) keg/s placed inline in front of the carbonation reactor.  This will help pre-cool the water before it enters the carbonator.  Alternatively, you can run it through a chiller coil in your fridge, or use a dedicated chiller (such as a glycol chiller) to pre-chill the water before it enters the carbonator.  If you do this you can increase your carbonation rate to over 30 liters per hour.

    Continuous Soda Water Solution – Keg Reactor Lid – Soda Carbonator

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