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  • This kit contains almost every replaceable part that's prone to wear and tear that you could possibly need for your keg system. It includes parts for Cornelius (home brew style) kegs, regulators, commercial keg couplers, and tap shank connections – all in a handy plastic container with compartments to keep everything organized!


    This is one of those things where you don’t need it until you do… and when you do, you really need it! We support the mantra of “Be Prepared” and this will keep you up and running no matter what issue arises.


    Kit contents:

    • 2 x Silicone Keg Lid O-ring
    • 2 x Cornelius Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
    • 4 x Keg Lid Feet
    • 20 x Post O-Rings
    • 10 x Dip Tube O-Rings
    • 6 x Poppets
    • 2 x Nylon Regulator Washers
    • 4 x 5/8 Washers for Tap Shanks and Keg Couplers
    • 1 x Cornelius Type Gas Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)
    • 1 x Cornelius Type Liquid Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)
    • 1 x Neat Plastic Compartmented Container


    It's super handy, and could save the day - Cheers!

    Complete Kegging Seal Kit

    GST Included |
    • If anything about this order is not to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will do what we can to remedy it. Our main goal is to provide quality and value in everything we do - this applies to your experience as well and we take this seriously.

      • If your item is received broken or in poor condition, we will organize a replacement.

      • If you're regretting your purchase and

        • the packaging is still intact

        • the item has not been used (e.g. it is still in a "new" condition)

      send it back to us and we'll restock it without any fee, refunding your purchase minus any shipping costs.

      *Unfortunately this does not apply to brewing ingredients.

      • Due to their nature of being processed and packed fresh for each order, all ingredient sales are final.

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