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  • This tee piece now enables you to attach both a liquid and gas disconnect to the bottle at the same time so you can essentially use a common PET bottle as a keg.  Great for taking beer to a party or making your own micro/portable/mini keg system.


    This is hands down the most affordable way to transport smaller quantities of beer in it's best state.

    1. Quickly assemble your micro keg using a PET bottle, carbonation cap tee, two carbonation caps, and a dip tube
    2. Purge your bottle thoroughly with CO₂ to prevent oxygen from tainting your beer (we find using the BlowTie spunding kit easiest to assist in accomplishing this)
    3. Fill (using the BlowTie spunding valve to allow CO₂ to escape while maintaining a back pressure, preventing foaming in your bottle)
    4. Serve, keeping that O₂ out!
    5. Maintain or increase the carbonation level (as desired, using our Easy As Forced Carbonation Chart for reference) via a gas ball lock disconnect to the second post.


    Carbonation Cap Tee Piece (PCO 1881 Thread for Common PET Bottles)

    GST Included |
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