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Serve your Ales bag-in-a-box style!

Instead of kegging, use these bags as your cask. You can draw from them through your handpull (using a standard pushfit connector or hose clamp), recreating a similar experience to the Real Ales served in pubs across the UK! Compatible with any of the Pint365 models we supply.


Long shelf life
The high oxygen barrier in the membrane makes these bags suitable for beer storage, and can keep your real ales pouring fresh for a month or longer.


Triple Layer

The triple layer construction consists of:

  • Layer 1 - 50 micron layer of polyethylene (PE)
  • Layer 2 - 45 micron layer of polyethylene (PE)
  • Layer 3 - 15 micron layer of nylon

Layer 1 gives the bladder the best possible chemical resistance making this bag suitable for a wide range of beverages. Layer 2 and 3 are laminated together for strength, puncture resistance and also to give the bag superior oxygen barrier properties keeping the liquid fresher for longer.



If you wanted to clean and sanitize these (they can be boiled to help sterilize them) there is nothing stopping you from using these again and again.


Easy Closure
The polypin fitting can be opened and closed easily, allowing beer to flow in or out without any oxygen ingress.

Beer Bag with Poly-Pin for Beer Engines (20 L)

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