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  • Rubber coated with an 8mm (5/16”) push in stem, this triple scale gauge is a great, low cost option to read pressures in your kegging system or the ideal range to read pressures for pressurized fermentation.


    The triple scale gauge gives readings in Bar, PSI and kPA - No matter what units you prefer, this gauge will display what you need. The barb on this gauge will enable you to put this directly onto hosing or alternatively you can connect it to any of the push in fittings in the 8mm (5/16") size range.


    Available sizes:

    • 0-15 PSI / 0-100 kPa / 0-1.0 Bar (kg/ cm )
    • 0-40 PSI / 0-250 kPa / 0-2.5 Bar (kg/ cm²)
    • 0-150 PSI / 0-1000 kPa / 0-10 Bar (kg/cm²)

    8mm (5/16") Push in Pressure Gauge - duotight compatible

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