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  • Elevate your set-up to the same level as the Pros with this high quality, affordable sanitary sight glass.


    This sight glass is a full bore design, enabling a full view of whatever's inside. Use these to:

    • View what's going on with your fluid flow
    • A yeast collection container
    • A dry hop rocket


    Tri-clamp fittings (also known as Tri-Clover, a branded name of tri-clamp fittings) are one of the main types of sanitary fittings in use by breweries and other food processing plants. They’re easy to assemble consisting of two flanged connections with a gasket in between, secured by a clamp. They’re also extremely easy to clean as there’s no threads or crevices where nasties can grow. These fittings are the most common type of connection available with a wide variety of options at affordable prices. For all these reasons, we stock these (and use them almost exclusively in our own brewing set-up).


    Tri-clamp assemblies rely on gaskets to create the watertight seal – it’s important not to overtighten the clamp as this may damage the parts. Hand-tight is all that's needed for a secure, leak-proof connection - let the gasket do its job.

    1.5 Inch Tri-Clamp Sanitary Sight Glass

    GST Included |
    • Lifetime no-quibbles returns with no restocking fees

      • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
      • Port Size: 1.5 inch
      • Glass Material: Tempered Glass
      • Max Pressure: 0.83 MPa (120 PSI)
      • Max Temperature: 150˚C

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