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Tri-clamp fittings (also known as Tri-Clover, a branded name of tri-clamp fittings) are one of the main types of sanitary fittings in use by breweries and other food processing plants. They’re easy to assemble consisting of two flanged connections with a gasket in between, secured by a clamp. They’re also extremely easy to clean as there’s no threads or crevices where nasties can grow. These fittings are the most common type of connection available with a wide variety of options at affordable prices. For all these reasons, we stock these (and use them almost exclusively in our own brewing set-up).


This tri-clamp blind is useful for blanking off exposed ends to prevent contamination and flanged ends that are not currently in use. It's made from food grade 304 grade stainless steel and is machine polished.

1.5 Inch Tri-Clamp Flat Plate / Blind / Blank

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